Tradition, technology
and innovative processes


NostriMare company based in Madrid and in the heart of the Canary Islands, was born with the sole purpose of REVOLUTIONIZING the distribution and commercialization sector of Fish and Cephalopods.

For this, it is important to establish work procedures with a very solid business ethics, that manage to provide our clients with the best raw material, previously selected and following the strictest quality control of the product, during all phases of said process; from the production, processing, distribution and final marketing of the product, thus guaranteeing a clear differential in its quality.

How do we do it


  • Daily capture of opportunities of different species.
  • Classification and packaging.
  • Storage.
  • Transport and logistics.
  • Documentary processing, certificates and labeling.
  • Documentary processing, certificates and labeling.
  • Constant control of the different cycles, guaranteeing the quality of the product during all phases of the process.
The best Raw Material
Product of Origin, from our fish markets in Morocco and Mauritania to your company.
Commitment and Transparency with our clients
Only in this way, we become our, our travel companions.
Technology and Innovation
The evolution and development of computerized systems, which simplify processes.
To carry out this entire project, we can only count on the best possible team.
Work and experience
Because there is no other way to guarantee the quality and satisfaction of our customers.

Exposed the above and in order to guarantee the final quality of the product, our company supplies Fresh and frozen Fish in the ports of Spain, Morocco and Mauritania (zone FAO 34), All this under annual contracts with different vessels to which we submit to an exhaustive control, for later and once the pieces have been selected by our quality control department, we work with the original raw material adapting it to the different formats desired by the clients.

Turning Nostri Mare into an important distribution nerve center that, together with our logistics network, allows us to rigorously maintain the cold chain of all our products and thus be able to be competitive in a market as innovative as the current one.